Valve Application Training

AVI, under the auspices of our Advanced Valve Institute, offers training approximately once per quarter at various locations around the country. Our current schedule includes the following dates and locations:

March 14, 2018 — Augusta, GA
April 05, 2018 — Jacksonville, FL
May 08, 2018 — Atlanta, GA

Click the button below to register to attend a training session. For more information, call us at 1-800-284-2293.

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Why Should I Attend?

Your distributor today, cannot afford to have a salesman out of the field for a full week.  So the distributor will have the Valve Manufacturer’s representative (who has a marketing degree and 3 months training) come in after work and we’ll give him 2 hours (while eating pizza) to train your salesperson on his 20 product lines. Then your distributor comes to your plant to help you properly select valves. Is this not a realistic picture?

The #1 reason for premature valve failure is misapplication. Velocity Kills Valves! Some are made to handle velocity, while others are not. Proper valve selection is essential to any manufacturing environment today. Contact us today with any questions or particular concerns you may have!

If a salesman cannot tell you why your valve has failed, how can that salesman honestly tell that his valve will work?

Knowledge is what we have lost.  Thirty years ago, most major plants in the United States had a valve guru. This person knew which valves worked in particular applications and which valve did not. More importantly, that individual understood why certain valves would work in their applications.

Thirty years ago, valve manufacturers had sales personnel who were mechanical engineers. They understood the physics and the fluid dynamics inside the valves and understood a wide variety of valves, even if those types weren’t manufactured by his employer. Thirty years ago, a valve distributor would send their sales people to a 1 week training class for training on a particular manufacturer’s products.

Now, Let’s look at the world today: Today, your plant doesn’t have a valve guru. If you do, chances are that person is less than 35 years old, is an engineer, and that valves are just 1 of his many jobs. By the way, what they learned about valves in Engineering School, were some general information on pressure drops and that valves isolate and control flow.

Today, manufacturers are huge conglomerates with as many as 20 different valve lines. Their engineers (what few they have) stay in the office and their sales people at best have marketing degrees. They receive 1-3 months of training (for their 20+ different products) and then they go out to train the distributors who sell to you, the end user.

Who Should Attend?

  • Reliability Engineers who resolve “Valve Related Issues”.
  • Maintenance Supervisors who repair and replace process valves.
  • Maintenance Planners who select process valves.
  • Instrument / Electrical Supervisors who select or maintain automated valves.
  • Project Engineers who specify valves for new projects or upgrades.
  • Production supervisors who suffer from lost downtime caused by valve failure.