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36″ V-AXX 5-Offset Butterfly Valve

Enjoy the photos below of a 36” V-AXX 5-Offset Butterfly Valve that made its way through our warehouse in Statesboro, GA. This valve is being used in a Liquefied Natural Gas Cryogenic service (process of turning natural gas into liquid gas). The V-AXX design provides zero leakage in both cryogenic and high temperature applications. 

Weighing in at 3,700 pounds, this bare stem valve is the heaviest valve that our overhead crane has lifted to date. Once fully assembled, the package weighed in at just over 6,000 pounds! Due to the heaviness of this package, our team had to get creative in how we assembled and transported it. 

Despite the challenges, this was one of our most rewarding projects this year. This was an all-hands-on-deck project from start to finish. If you want to learn more about the V-AXX 5-Offset Butterfly Valve, click here. We’re looking forward to delivering more of these to our customers in the future!