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Vist us at the Americas Energy Summit & Exhibition

The 20th Americas Energy Summit & Exhibition starts today, January 17th and will go through 1pm January 19th at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Centre, New Orleans. 

This event brings together energy leaders to discuss the critical role of LNG, gas, and hydrogen in balancing energy security and net-zero commitments in the Americas and globally. During this event, we would like to share more with you about V-AXX. This is your solution when zero leakage is required! 

The same designer who invented and patented the four offset butterfly valve in 2008 has now introduced a new five-offset evolution in butterfly valve design. V-AXX is the first butterfly valve in the world that is not using a regular cone for its seat design. Additionally, the research conducted in the Dr. Gaida R&D Institute has provided an initial evaluation of the real shrinkage rates in cryogenic temperatures as a function of the wall section and allowed the seat to be formed accordingly, making the valve zero leakage from -454°F up to 2,552°F from vacuum up to 160 bar, from liquid nitrogen up to liquid sodium. 

The V-AXX valve has the highest Kv/Cv of any comparable torque-seated butterfly valve. Not only can the valve be sized smaller, but even the actuator, the piping, as well as the entire construction supporting the piping, can be sized smaller.

V-AXX also offers a cavitation eliminating trim option, ORCA plates.  One or more sets of plates can be mounted in accordance with the customer needs, allowing an excellent flow control when the valve is partially open. This allows the pressure to drop in several stages preventing supersonic speed in gas applications and cavitation in liquid applications.  

See you at Booth D-8 in New Orleans to discuss how AVI can help you with your needs!